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Twisted Love Cube Set

A signature Melanie Van Dooren set with many possibilities:

1. Add your personal initials to the love cube (up to a maximum of 2)

2. Let us know if you prefer the two rings to be fixed (recommended) or to keep them separate

3. You can expand this set in the future at our atelier by booking an Add-On Appointment


material: 18k yellow gold * current size: 52 * stone: soft green tourmaline –  emerald cut – 6mm x 4mm * love cube: imprinted heart + two initials of your choice * currently two separate rings * stackable
Purchased items can either get picked up at the atelier or will be send to you if the value of your purchased item is less than 1.600 euros


This product is ready for pick-up or shipping. In case of adjustments, it will take up to 14 working days before your order will be shipped or will be ready for pick-up.

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We offer one free size adaptation. 

In case you don’t know the correct ring size, we advise a size adaptation afterwards. Be aware of the possible size adjustment range, though!

In case you have an existing ring available (that fits the correct finger!), we can measure the size at the atelier  or you can try the tools below:


Download the free Ring Sizing App.
Open it up and place a ring finger you wish to measure onto the screen of your device to determine your ring size.


Click HERE and order your ring sizer to try at home.


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