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This is me, Melanie, the driving force behind this small-scale, Belgian jewelry brand.

I created my very first jewel in Brazil, 2014. What began as a recreational hobby, soon became a medicine to conquer a burn-out and eventually evolved into my fulltime profession.

After six years of translating people’s milestones into precious pieces of jewelry and offering a full tailor-made service, I felt the urge for more self-expression. My dream is to create a jewelry candy shop – starting from my own imagination and ideas – and to offer a surprising experience every time you pass by, as little treasures will come and go.

Just like a painter hanging his new works to the wall, we’ve evolved into a gallery where handmade jewelry is exposed and sold. Every 1st of the month (except for July and August), we will drop a variety of new candy. 

You are most welcome at our Online Gallery to overview the available creations, which is an exact representation of what’s available at the Atelier. You can visit the Atelier to see the work in real life – after making an appointment, as we have no regular opening hours. 

From the beginning, I’ve always aimed for quality over quantity, for slow over fast and for a very personal approach.

This is a brand that grows together with its customers and that values authenticity the most.
The core of what we’ve been building over the past few years will never change.

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I enjoyed creating it.

With love, Melanie


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